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Early Reviews of Wreck Hunter 2 – The Adventure Continues

In this book, author Terry Dwyer makes a strong point early on when he writes, “Every shipwreck has a unique story to tell of how and why it came to be in its final resting place.” The stories of several shipwrecks are well-told in the following pages. Terry Dwyer really has ‘been there, done that’. This book, his second on the subject he loves, tells of the ins and outs and the ups and downs of those who make wreck hunting and treasure salvage not just their business, but their absolute passion. Terry Dwyer is one of those people.  You will find that this continuation of Terry Dwyer’s 2005 book ‘Wreck Hunter – the Quest for Lost Shipwrecks’ is every bit as fascinating as the original. Enjoy the voyage!
Phil Nuytten
Publisher of Canadian DIVER Magazine

If you are into shipwrecks and adventure, Terry Dwyer shares his many years of real world adventure and experience in the hunt for shipwrecks. We all have a little "Indiana Jones" in us, the need to discover & explore, and Terry is without doubt, an underwater Indiana Jones. Today in this world of political correctness, there is an attitude promoted by the archeological community that private individuals should not have access to shipwrecks. It is refreshing to meet a Maverick like Terry who does not toe the line of the "do good" archeologist's and says it like it really is.  Terry is a champion for all shipwreck divers. You will enjoy this book as I did.      

Garry Kozak
GK Consulting

I grew up in the Bahamas and learned the wonders of the sea at an early age. By my mid twenties I became more and more fascinated with shipwrecks and then it turned to obsession. When I met Terry in 2005, I had already made most of the mistakes I thought it was possible to make in the undersea salvage business. Terry not only caused a paradigm shift in my thinking but also made me better and wiser than anyone I had previously been associated with in this industry. This book is a must read for anyone interested in shipwrecks.

Paul Roman
President of Marine Archaeological Research Recovery Systems

Reviews of Wreck Hunter -The Quest For Lost Shipwrecks

Terry Dwyer has done wreck divers a big favor by penning “Wreck Hunter: The Quest For Lost Shipwrecks.” In the 210-page soft cover book from Pottersfield Press, Dwyer captures the spirit that drives exploration as he describes hundreds of shipwrecks off his native Nova Scotia. Sites are presented geographically along the coast, with others by topic in chapters on Pirates and Privateers, and Treasure Ships. Dwyer, who’s worked on underwater movie sets, salvage ventures and public safety teams, tells of the tools and techniques needed to get the most out of wreck diving. And with sport diving growing in popularity, he also covers the tourism opportunities and local boat diving tips. The wreck hunter even shares his wish list in a chapter on Discoveries In Waiting. It’s written in easy-to-read prose by an author who’s glad to be the professional diver he wanted to be from the time he was a 14-year-old. Recommended references and Web sites in the appendix extend the depth of the book. ISBN: 1-895900-67-0.
Robert Sterner
Editor, Northeast Dive News

"An exciting insight into the quest for lost shipwrecks. This is the first book by an extremely experienced diver who knew exactly what he wanted to do when he was just a schoolboy. He even pestered people into giving him work just so that he could be near commercial divers in order to observe them at their duties. Today, Terry Dwyer owns a number of different businesses concerned with the scuba and commercial diving industries and was responsible for the underwater safety and lighting for such films as Titanic, K-19 The Widow Maker and many others. It is Dwyer's passion for shipwrecks, however, which is the force that drives him onwards. In this book he combines an enthralling - and very readable, mix of personal anecdotes and experiences coupled with historical facts about each shipwreck encountered and, in doing so; he brings us one of the few truly interesting books about Nova Scotia's many thousands of shipwrecks available today. Some of those wrecks are well known and some less so. Others, however, are so recently discovered that only a single side-scan sonar image of, what appears to be a complete and intact ship, exists. This is an interesting and exciting book in which we learn much about this diver and even more about the shipwrecks which feed his passion. Personally, I can't wait for volume 2".

Major Ned Middleton FRGS
British Underwater Photo-Journalist, Author, Media Consultant,
Shipwreck Historian and Natural History Photographer

"With Nova Scotia shipwreck diving on the increase, Terry Dwyer has already made many contributions to further scuba tourism, recreational diving and undersea exploration. He can now add this book to his achievements. A very useful guide for divers, this book is not merely written by an academic, but by a diver who has 'lived the life!' Indeed, the diving community is fortunate to have an enthusiast like Terry in their midst. A tenacious researcher, he diligently pursues elusive bits of historical evidence with the same determination demonstrated in all of his endeavors. Written with great enthusiasm and clarity, this informative book makes an interesting wreck dive much more so, by making the exciting background stories available. His love of underwater exploration shines through in this very readable book."
Alex Storm
Author, historian and retired treasure hunter
Canada 's Treasure Hunt - Greywood Publishing Limited, 1967

"From his wide experience with shipwrecks Terry Dwyer offers a wealth of practical information that proves fascinating reading even to the armchair adventurer. With one of the highest concentrations of shipwrecks in the world, Nova Scotia has an enormous untapped potential for discovery and exploration of virgin shipwrecks. WRECK HUNTER - QUEST FOR LOST SHIPWRECKS is a must read for intrepid explorers and wreck divers."
Robert Marx- American Author
Maritime Historian and Underwater Archaeologist

"Spend a few hours in the company of an adventurer. WRECK HUNTER QUEST FOR LOST SHIPWRECKS is a unique perspective about one man's quest for adventure. Dive into his recollections of visits to mysterious islands and shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea. You'll find inspiration, intrigue and touch history firsthand".
Mark Stanton - Producer
Divers Down Television Series

"This book is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in pursuing the allure of shipwrecks, learning to scuba dive, or just learning about the rich maritime history of Nova Scotia."
David Barron - Canadian Author
The Atlantic Diver Guides &
Northern Shipwrecks Database

"Terry Dwyer is an adventurer, entrepreneur, underwater explorer, a rare individual who combines intellect, passion, a spirit of adventure, and raw physical ability in order to realize a life long dream. He educates the reader in such areas as local shipping history, anecdotal stories of shipwrecks, and the skills, techniques and technology used by the modern day wreck hunter."
Simon Morris - Salt Springs Island
Canadian Sculptor of the Emerald Princess