St. Paul Island - Memorial

In Memory of Jim Johnson

Born October 30 / 1938 - Died February 25 / 2001


52 Jim and WilmaThe Nova Scotia diving community as a whole lost a dear and cherished friend when Jim Johnson passed away February 25, 2001. Jim was well known throughout the area as a respected, talented and passionate underwater photographer and videographer. He possessed the rare combination of skill and patience that permitted him to capture images that seemingly transcended the limits of film and video. He was a truly gifted photographer. Although Jim left us, he left behind beautiful pictures and video of the underwater world. His friendly smile and good nature endeared him to everyone who had the privilege of meeting him. To know Jim was to love him, and as a testament to this fine man, many of his closest friends contributed to a lasting and permanent memorial.

Throughout history, the people who are remembered, and who make a difference, are the ones whose actions have spoken louder than words, whose accomplishments stand-alone. They are not the talkers, but the doers - the people of action. Such a man was Jim Johnson. If only one word could be used to describe an individual, the word for Jim Johnson would be action and action is what sets him apart from many of his peers. Throughout the past forty plus years, Jim Johnson has been an artist, a craftsman, an underwater photographer, an underwater videographer, an underwater explorer and a very knowledgeable historian. He was a generous, kind and sharing individual and always the gentleman. Jim was a true and original ambassador to the sport of scuba diving, to the environment and its inhabitants.

To the many of us who knew him well, he will always be remembered as the "renaissance man". He started his career in the underwater world over four decades ago and has remained involved in scuba diving ever since, he has blazed trails that others have followed. The world is indeed a much better place for Jim having passed through it. For all of his actions and his positive influence, the Nova Scotia Scuba Association is very proud and honored to announce the creation of the first official Nova Scotia Scuba Association - "Spirit of the Sport" Award. As the inscription on the award reads,

The 2002
"Spirit of the Sport"

In Memory of Jim Johnson
Craftsman, Photographer, Explorer
Master Scuba Diver,
Adventurer &
Renaissance Man

Fear not Jim, you will not be forgotten, as your spirit will live forever with all of us.